Creative Common Copyright Licenses

Posted by on May 26, 2014 in Blog
Creative Common Copyright Licenses

These days, with so much content easily found and utilized off the web, it’s easy to get caught in a copyright slip. Knowing when and how to use different licenses is important. This summary graphic by Milos Janata outlines the meaning of different attribution terminology and decals.A more detailed description is on the Creative Commons website.
cc explained


Key Takeaways

For our project, we’ll likely consider using free music from the Creative Commons.
Youtube has a great Library to choose from. I often see if there is a fitting song from that collection first.

The Free Music Archive is also a nice source. However, licensing attributes vary by song so you’ll want to look for something with the BY attribute. This allows us to use the song for commercial purposes so long as we credit the musician, which can be done most easily in the description of a youtube video.