I’m fascinated with design. From researching and understanding problems, synthesizing insights, sketching 100 ideas and creating prototypes, to testing and refining a product, system, or experience – the process of design can be applied to so many contexts. It’s inexhaustibly interesting to me!

Currently, I’m a  Designer at IBM Design in Austin TX and Director of Curriculum for AIGA’s Creative Space – teaching design to local high schoolersBefore this I studied Interaction Design at Indiana University’s Graduate School of Informatics and Computing, was an instructor for “Art, Media, & Technology,” and a contracted videographer and freelance photographer.

Before that, I went to business school, was on stage at Juilliard, interned on Capitol Hill, did improv comedy, tried starting businesses, led groups, traveled the world, and found solace in yoga and meditation. I value friendship and understanding, integrity, empathy, punctuality, humor, and humility. Let’s collaborate!