Online Security


Identifying key touchpoints and user task flows, we designed and tested different versions of a user experience with more available password generator access.

The Deliverable

The Process

First, we created a schedule for the assignment, including key deadlines we wanted to hit before the project was due. Then we familiarized ourselves with the software and that of the competition. We charted the research findings to better interpret their implications. Then we wrote down and organized our thoughts using affinity diagramming and theme clusters. We discussed insights and trends and began sketching to communicate our thoughts. We engaged in difficult conversations to understand the problem and synthesize potential solutions.

The best of our sketches became paper prototypes and were tested on four users with iterations made between users (RITE method). Our larger notes and findings lead us back to the dry erase board for a similar process of organizing ideas. Finally, we created another paper prototype that to improve deployment of the password generator in 5 distinct user experience scenarios.




  • Primary & Secondary Research
  • Synthesis
  • Ideation
  • Writing
  • Video Recording & Editing


  • Personas
  • Cognitive Walkthroughs
  • Concept Sketching
  • Affinity Diagraming
  • Symmantic Differentials
  • Golden Questions
  • Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation (RITE)