Making Reverie provided a new challenge: time.

Participating in the Campus Movie Festival, we had one week to film, edit, and upload a short 5 minute film, while still attending classes. ¬†Our video was a finalist out of 96 films entered in a college with 42,000 students. Looking back there are some things I’d like to change in editing, but so be it.

The approach to making this was rather unique. I had been studying the Lean Startup Method and in IU’s longest running improv troupe that semester, and it dawned on me: why write a stick and have to stick to it?? Writing a business plan and following it to the T can be detrimental to a start-up. So I followed that principle and utilized what we had: a campus, improvisers, a camera, and one week.

The first shoot: I asked the improvers and my friend Alex to meet in one of the empty rooms with nice lighting at 6pm. I was filming them speak to what would be me at the front of the room. We spit balled some ideas, got A LOT of shots of various discussions, general responses likes nods, confused looks, etc. And then Alex and I edited that into the best it could be, then went back and shot my scenes (professor) LATER, acting in response to what we liked best from the first day’s shoot.

I found this process incredibly flexible and effective. Like a startup, you test your ideas, pivot, and reiterate.