Caleb Hans – “Cyclone No. 1”

I had met Caleb through Craigslist. He asked if I wanted to film a music video for his violin piece. I listened to it and didn’t get much inspiration, so politely declined his kind offer (this was before I had met him in person). I’m glad he later convinced me, because he had it all planned out. We’d shoot in his friend’s stunning home and friends would dress up in 1950’s masquerade. Sweet! Eyes Wide Shut anyone?

Violin Music Video

I rode out through the hills of Texas on my Genuine Stella scooter with four bags strapped around me in every direction and a tripod between my legs! (I had no car at this point in life). Caleb and I planned out the scenes and shots an hour before his friends arrived. I shot with a vintage 50mm Pentax at 1.4f and Sigma 30mm 1.4f using a downloaded ‘cinestyle’ picture style with flattened contrast to get in as much shadow detail as possible – using a Canon 60D and Rebel t2i.

I grew up watching the old James Bond films with my dad. That influenced my editing and color treatment. For the opening audio, I downloaded ten classical tracks from the Creative Commons online and used two of them in the intro, in addition to sounds from a dinner party off I did a lowpass on the audio during the scenes in the study. For the color, I pulled up the highlights, cooled the shadows, and warmed the midtones. Then I added an unsharp mask to bring back some clarity.


Cyclone No 1

that’s me