Went to a Cabin in Kentucky with my Interaction Design cohort.

Nice conditions so I pulled together a shoot.

I’ve grown to love these people.

Not Patoka_20141011_4301
Not Patoka_20141011_4221
Not Patoka_20141011_4230

Not Patoka_20141011_4233

Not Patoka_20141011_4238

Not Patoka_20141011_4246

Not Patoka_20141011_4263
Not Patoka_20141011_4526

Not Patoka_20141011_4535

Not Patoka_20141011_4202
Not Patoka_20141011_4214

Not Patoka_20141011_4321

Not Patoka_20141011_4345

Not Patoka_20141011_4356

Not Patoka_20141011_4365

Not Patoka_20141011_4382

Not Patoka_20141011_4400

Not Patoka_20141011_4431

Not Patoka_20141011_4461

Not Patoka_20141011_4501