Smarter Toilet


Vital health signs emerge from our bodies every day. We went through a design process to create a prototype of both the physical product and the digital app to accompany it.

The Deliverable

The Process

To focus on a direction, given a broad prompt, we set project deadlines and used team protocols to expedite the decision making process. Lots of dry-erase board sketches and post-it notes to help sort out our thoughts.

What I Learned

It’s important in design to embrace your constraints in a project. Whether it’s time, budget, scope, or conflicting¬†opinions of stakeholders, knowing what confines you have to work within can help set parameters to design within. Having team members all on the same page about these constraints is also helpful for mitigating their consequences and turning them into opportunities.


  • Primary & Secondary Research
  • Synthesis
  • Ideation
  • Writing
  • Video Recording & Editing


  • Concept Sketching
  • Affinity Diagraming
  • Symmantic Differentials
  • Golden Questions
  • User Testing


  • Michelle Gottslitch
  • Shawn Cai
  • Jianping Li