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To hold representatives accountable by letting citizens vote on recently introduced congressional bills.

“What gets measured gets paid attention to.”

This was a personal side project I worked on. I wanted to explore what it might mean to bring democracy to the smartphone to hold our representatives accountable, while practicing prototyping methods. I had a breakthrough when I found out the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress publishes non-partisan bill summaries that could be pulled into the software.

Core of design

I wanted users to be able to engage in politics quickly and weigh in on issues that mattered to them most.


I sketched, prototyped, conducted casual usability and user testing with all my friends, and spoke with people in DC about what they thought.


After several couple of months of inquiry and design, I’ve determined there would be an inherent sampling bias.

Working Prototype

hold click to see “hotspots”

Concept Sketches & Wireframes


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